Things to do in Cape May for Christmas

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I’ve been waiting to do a post on Cape May for years. But I didn’t imagine the post would be about Cape May during the holidays. But there are are lot of fun things to do in Cape May for Christmas. Let’s look at a few.

Victorian Home Tours

The Cape May MAC (Museums. Arts. Culture) seems to be a one-stop shop for specific events. The Trolley tours are still running in Cape May during Christmas. We also love these trolley tours in the summertime. Even in late summer we bring blankets, so I can only imagine you need one in December. The Victorian-era homes are sure to please during the festive time.

While researching for this post I came across Capemay blog site, a one-stop shop for dining and entertainment. This blog has a cool lighthouse logo, and I think it does a good job capturing the essence of why people enjoy Cape May. It is a calm town, where natural beauty should be a part of everyone’s time there. We tend to associate this town with our summer beach trips. Coming from Colorado, the warm beach days are very welcome to us. But there is something about the stillness of Wintertime and the history behind it. The same great restaurants you love in summer are open in winter.

West Cape May

Our family has recently spent lots of time in West Cape May. When I was growing up, this was far out of town. Now some of the most magical times I’ve had with my family have been in this borough. We cannot say enough about Beach Plum Farm. I can imagine visiting the farm during colder months and really enjoying the chill in the air with a glass of wine or beer. And while you are down this way, you can visit Sunset Beach.

Cloudy sunset beach
Cloudy sunset beach Photo credit: James Olsen

Read some good Dickens

Cape May has always been a magical place in my mind going back to my first memories. That’s the fun thing about Christmas as well–that it has an appeal to adults as well as kids. If you go to Cape May during the wintertime, bring some really good novels. This tends to be a slower time of year for office work, so you can actually have the time to tackle that novel in front of the fireplace. Put on some classical music or whatever soothes the soul. Then bundle up and tour the town on foot before dinner. After dinner have a hot toddy at the King Edward Bar to warm up. We love this bar for its conviviality and sort of “hidden” feel. There are some good local draft beers, including the beloved Cape May IPA. Maybe even have a second drink for that chilly night, and enjoy one of the most magical towns on earth during Christmas.

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