Financially Untethered Method

Our travel tips and stories will guide your planning and execution of the perfect trip or extended leave from the everyday. Our travel product reviews will give you unbiased advice not based on any influencer revenue contracts. Our topics cover important financial considerations when choosing to take control of your life and your leisure, so you can travel the world using the methods of financial freedom. Once you experience financially untethered travel, or even dream of it, you will be a more focused traveler and have more of a chance to life the life you seek. The world has many opportunities for growth, financial wellbeing, and excitement. While the United States is a remarkable canvas for travel and learning, there is something truly exotic and intoxicating about the idea of leaving its shores.

If you decide to leave, it can be a temporary trip, or a truly life-changing move. You may start on a temporary “family gap year,” and end up staying longer than you anticipated. Our blog will review different ideas about how to properly educate your children in both book and street smart skills. We incorporate all of the topics into insightful and informative blog posts and articles. Our practical travel skills posts can save you real money. Our personal finance section is designed to guide you to look at money differently and, in turn, look at the world differently.

When we started our journey, many people thought we were crazy. Maybe they were right. We were renting our primary residence out to strangers. We learned through hundreds of hours of trial and error the best way to responsibly rent your properties to families that will take care of them and pay good returns. These returns allowed us to become untethered to the daily financial stress that holds many back. Many people believe that “one day” they’ll get around to doing the truly amazing trips and adventures they daydream about. What if that “one day” should be now? What if it could be now?

Do you think there could be a better way to prepare meals? What about shopping at a local market for every meal, cheaply and with fresh, organic foods? Do you think your weekends could be more than little league and hanging at home? Don’t get me wrong, there are times in our life when this domesticated existence makes tons of sense. But there are other times when something is missing. We invite you to come join our journey to live fuller lives. This is not a self help blog. It is really more of an actionable guide to unlocking the amazing things that exist beyond our shores.

Our approach pairs financial responsibility and investing with the ability to achieve your travel dreams. There is no easy answer to the question: “how can we afford to travel?” It takes discipline and an understanding of financial concepts. However, the gift of travel can be an investment in your family. Your children’s senses and view of the world will be heightened, and you will experience the freedom you felt as a 20-something backpacker. Not every family can do the full “gap year,” but many can get closer than they think by understanding the details involved. We present all these details in a clear way, having fun while we do it.