Telluride Colorado Hotels – Value in a Colorado ski town

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Telluride Colorado Hotels are generally expensive. They are really pricey around the holidays. We stayed in the Hotel Telluride. It was one of the last places to rent for under $800/night over New Year’s Eve weekend. I have stayed at this hotel several times before with our children.

Where is the value in Telluride Colorado Hotels?

There are numerous hidden values to this hotel which should be considered. First off, there is a $39/day resort fee it looks like, which probably pays for the Keurig coffee cups and lobby coffee (unlimited), as well as a convenient shuttle that takes you around town. Remember that Telluride is a very quaint Colorado ski town. You can walk virtually everywhere. Further, there is a free town shuttle called the Galloping Goose. After learning “the goose,” you’ll be able to get around after a day on the slopes and on your way to a fun night out.

Family memories

Our final hotel bill seemed high, but I would imagine it’s on par with any of these ritzy ski towns across the country. Saving up for a trip like this puts into action a lot of our prior advice about trip planning. We are fortunate that we can drive to this destination, and therefore saved a bit of money on airline. It’s a LONG drive, however. We loaded up some Minecraft books on tape for the kids and it worked like a charm.

The family memories we were able to make on this trip were well worth the price tag. Everyone’s skiing and snowboarding level improved quite a bit. My poor wife needs a new pair of skis, however, and my heart goes out to her on powder days–but soon enough (I know, first world problems for sure).

We already miss our relaxed afternoons coming back to the Hot Spring hot tubs, having a beer before meeting friends for some dinner, and playing a game in the lobby or our room while we recount the crazy runs of the day. The beds and rooms are really comfy and provide plenty of room for doing some work, or playing a game of Yam Slam with the kids.

Hike to Black Iron Bowl
Photo credit James Olsen. Hike to Black Iron Bowl.

Food at the hotel

The hotel’s restaurant is well-run and serves good food. Of course, there are more high-brow restaurants in town with unique little locations, so take my recommendation with grain of salt. I feel like Telluride can be “yours” if you appreciate the little things, not just the grandiose presentations. This truly is a “livable” town if you will. Take a walk in and out of town and peruse the array of architectural motifs. Remember to venture down to the internal streets–not just main street. And when in Mountain Village, grab a Telluride Brewing Company beer.

Telluride Brewing Company Taproom
Photo credit James Olsen. Beer list at Telluride Brewing Company remote taproom.

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