Great Tips for Getting Around Silverthorne, Colorado Ski Country

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While many destinations in the United States can be completely dependent on car travel, Summit County and Silverthorne offer a functional alternative. This post will make getting around Silverthorne fun, cheap, and efficient.

Summit Stage

When we first bought our place in Silverthorne, I must admit I didn’t know what to expect out of the Summit Stage. I’d taken it over the years to get to Copper Mountain and for quick trips to Frisco, but could I get full-time usage out of it? The answer is emphatically yes. The first step, as with anything, learn the schedule. I’ve linked here to the 2021/2022 Winter schedule. There are a few quirks you’ll learn with some experience, such as getting from Silverthorne’s main station up to downtown Frisco (there is a transfer at Frisco Transfer Station, aptly enough). When you return from downtown Frisco to Silverthorne, you may be stuck at the Frisco Transfer Station (FTS) for about 30 minutes or so. Just enough time to sample some of nectar over at ORB (Outer Range Brewing Co.)! The Summit Stage should be a mainstay in your planning. When we homeschooled during quarantine, I was able to use the bus to get groceries at the Whole Foods in Frisco. We’ve used it to go for a hike from Silverthorne to Frisco.

Getting around Silverthorne and Summit County, Frisco Whole Foods. Photo credit: Mountain Town News


When we’ve come to the mountains, we’ve usually had a vehicle. But for times when I cannot use a vehicle to get to DIA, for instance, the Bustang should be considered. I recall taking the local Summit Stage one morning up to FTS, then taking the Bustang to Union Station in Denver, where I was able to take the A line RTD train to DIA. I was at the gate sipping a glass of wine with plenty of time to spare.

Getting Around Silverthorne On Foot

With the new 4th Street Crossing town core development area, there is plenty to do in Silverthorne without driving once you are here. Dining and drinking options are now plentiful. Five years ago, that was not the case. Angry James Brewery was here from the beginning as a pioneer and cornerstone. The outlets have always been a good draw, but now you have plenty of restaurants and watering holes. There is even an upscale hostel concept called The Pad. We were there recently for the opening of the bar area and had a blast with our kids. We cannot wait to go back without kids and maybe have that second drink! See Jessica’s Tiktok on this night below.


Brand new accommodations just opened in Summit County. Check out this hip pad —> location, vibe, and affordability make it a top choice. colorado

♬ Easy Love – Sigala


Getting around Silverthorne does not require a car. In fact, it’s not even much of a hindrance to not have a car. Sure, if you lived here perhaps you’d need that convenience, but if you’re in for a week to ski, feel free to go thrifty and save the money on car rental. For those that don’t feel like roughing it on the Bustang, the prevalence of van companies makes it easy to get your family up to the mountains comfortably from DIA. I’m not linking here to any of those companies because they all seem reputable and have new fancy vans. I think if I were with my family with small children, I’d splurge on one of those vans. I always thought that looked really fun when we’d be next to a load of vacationers that flew to where I can drive anytime. But once you are in your lodging in Summit County, you are never far from a Summit Stage shop. So forget about those car keys, and go enjoy your vacation with a bit more money in your pocket (after factoring in the van transfer cost, of course).

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